Thursday, August 04, 2011

Kinnick Connections

Since I started blogging I've been able to find out more on my Kinnick line. My 4th great grandparents were George and Hannah (Grimes) Kinnick of North Carolina and Indiana. Their daughter, Nancy Kinnick, married Joseph Allen in Davie County, NC. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a marriage record for them yet. Joseph and Nancy followed her brother, Jabez Kinnick, to Indiana in the 1850s. They settled in Johnson County, Indiana in Clark township and are buried at the Rocklane Cemetery. I made a trip there yesterday and took photos of the two cemeteries that all the Kinnicks are buried in including Nancy's parents, George and Hannah in the Nolin Cemetery.

Last year I met a new cousin who starting attending our Genealogy meetings and she let me borrow her book, "The Kinnick Family" by Nettie Edna Kinnick Waggener. She never would take the book back and told me to keep it. This fine old lady, Charlotte Wyatt, passed away recently and I'm very grateful to her for the gift.

Now, I started searching through the blogs, my new obsession, and found others researching the Kinnicks. This was my mystery family. In the book my line supposedly ends with the death of my 2nd greatgrandmother, Nancy Catherine Allen, Joseph and Nancy (Kinnick) Allen's daughter. But my line did not end - one daughter did survive, my greatgrandmother, Stella Pearl Allen. The mystery is this, there is no known father for Pearl or any marriage record for Catherine. Catherine married a Frank Samuels but that was several years after Pearl's birth. The book reports her as a deceased child. Pearl never talked about her parents, I don't think she knew who her father was. Her obituary said her parents were Charles and Catherine Allen. But there were no Charles Allens living in this area. I think Pearl made this up because she might have thought being a child born out of wedlock was shameful. The only record I could get on Pearl that she had to fill out herself and might tell who her parents were was her Social Security card application. On the application Pearl listed her mother as Nancy Katherine unknown and father as unknown. Ordering this document was well worth the price and the wait. I think Pearl knew she had to tell the truth on a government document. The truth was 'she didn't know'. None of my family knew either. Pearl S. Allen was born Apr. 25, 1879 and died Apr. 19, 1978. Pearl married William Ambro Brown and lived in Brown County, Indiana the rest of her life.
P.S. There's no marriage record for Pearl and William Brown either!(Do I see a clue here as well?)

Now my next task is to track down Hannah (Grimes) Kinnicks' parents.

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