Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Favorite Aunt or Uncle?

Many of you read my Note on Facebook asking if anyone ever had a favorite grandparent, aunt, or uncle. Well after thinking about it for a while I decided I had favorites for different times of my life and for different reasons. I had one aunt, Emma, who was the best cook ever and she was a kind and gentle soul. I had another aunt, Louise, who was the adventurous one and she was always taking us kids on adventures. I have an uncle, Marcus, who always was the big kidder and loved to take us fishing. I had other aunts and uncles with no particularly memorable characteristics except they just loved us. They all were important as family but for different reasons. I never knew that these people weren't my blood relation until later in life when I found out I was adopted. So now I have been researching an extra set of grandparents since I found my blood relatives. These I found are great people also. They are playing a major role in my life now in the adult time of my life. I'm always getting invitations for dinners from Uncle Dale and Aunt Peggy and e-mails from Aunt Kay, Aunt Sarah, and Aunt Madelon about their families. I have come to the belief that family are those that have had a profound and positive impact on your life - adopted family or blood relation. It could even be a childhood friend you have grown up with that have been like a brother or sister to you, they are your family too. So when doing your family history research consider all these people as your family lines because they are the family of your heart.

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