Friday, May 20, 2011

Growing up in Indiana & Kentucky

Growing up in Indiana was the best time of my life. We had our fun summers, hard winters, good time and hard times as well. My father, Vonda Allen Dunn, was a native Hoosier with roots going back to Hamilton and Jefferson counties in Indiana. His parents were George and Goldie Roberts Dunn. George a native from Hamilton county and Goldie was an old Brown countian. My mom, Mary Ann, was one of those Kentuckians from the hills of Clinton county. Her parents were Alonzo and Millie Guffey Conner. When my mom was born they were living where Lake Cumberland stands now. That's one place I'll never get to visit - in a way that's sad! In the summers we would go to Kentucky to stay for weeks it seemed with Mammie and Pappie Conner. That was the greatest place growing up. I even lived there for a year when dad was looking for work when I was a baby. We had a little trailer that was parked across the road from the Conner home. It was an old dirt road that was seldom traveled so us kids played there every day. You would think being that young you wouldn't remember that much but it made a distinct impression on my that has lasted over the years. I would move back today if I didn't have so many connections here in Indiana. My dad's parents were a different experience. We didn't visit them as much and they were not a close family as I remember at least not as close as my Kentucky grandparents. I didn't really get to know them until I had gotten older. But that's another story for a later time.

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